Vote For An Energy Independent Congress

Clean Energy IndependenceIf you think the best way out of this mess is energy independence for the US, you should VOTE for it on November 2nd.

I have been working with Richard Greene, formerly of “Hollywood Clout” on WCPT, Chicago Progressive Talk Radio, to put together a website that identifies candidates who support clean energy independence for the United States.

Feel free to go to the site,, to find out more.

But here are our local Illinois congressional candidates who, according to the site,  will do their best to establish our energy independence:

U.S. Senate:

U.S. House of Representatives:

Special Mention: 6th District -¬†Benjamin Lowe — Our local Congressional candidate did not get endorsed on the site, due to time-constraints. However, having perused his book wherein he espouses environmental stewardship based on Judeo-Christian principles, I believe he has the wherewithal to help bring about energy independence. We only need to support and vote for him.

If you plan to vote for Energy Independence on November 2nd, join the Energy Independent Congress email list (fill out and submit the form) and check out the Energy Independent Congress Facebook page.

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