President Obama Says, “Thank You.”

President Obama reminds us that what have done and continue to do MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

Vote For An Energy Independent Congress

If you think the best way out of this mess is energy independence for the US, you should VOTE for it on November 2nd. I have been working with Richard Greene, formerly of “Hollywood Clout” on WCPT, Chicago Progressive Talk Radio, to put together a website that identifies candidates who support clean energy independence for […]

Bill Brady’s run for Governor in under 80 seconds

“The Governor’s Race” from QuinnForIllinois

Look who is voting!

You know Christine O’Donnell, and a whole bunch of other people will be voting on November 2nd. Will you vote?

Why Vote For Judges?

Judges make all kinds of decisions, from the very personal, such as child custody decisions, to those with much broader impact.

Are you ready to choose your judges?

Election Wrap-up

Title: Election Wrap-up Location: JC’s Mexican Restaurant, 130 West Bartlett Avenue, Bartlett IL (near train station) Description: Join HanDI for an informal analysis of general election results. Dinner optional. Start Time: 07:00 Date: 2010-11-08 End Time: 09:00

Early Voting Ends

Title: Early Voting Ends Link out: Click here Description: Today is the last day for in-person early voting. Find your local voting site at the link. Start Time: 09:00 Date: 2010-10-28 End Time: 17:00

Early Voting Begins

Title: Early Voting Begins Location: Your local early voting site Link out: Click here Description: Beat the crowds and vote early: October 12-28. Click the link for voting locations in suburban Cook County. Start Time: 09:00 Date: 2010-10-12 End Time: 17:00

Remember To Vote On November 2nd

Remember To Vote On November 2nd.