Summer Cookout 2013


Park Pride 2013


HanDI turned out to beautify Rahlf’s Woods Park as part of the Streamwood Park District’s Park Pride Day. We planted annual flowers, mulched trees, pulled weeds, and picked up trash. It was a fun, unifying experience!                               

Candidate Forum Photo Album

Click here to enjoy pictures of the consolidated election forum held March 11, 2013 at Poplar Creek Library in Streamwood. Photos courtesy of HanDI and HERO.

Daily Herald endorsements

First-time candidate (and HanDI-HERO forum participant) Khaja Moinuddin has received the Daily Herald’s endorsement for Streamwood Village Trustee in the April 9, 2013 consolidated election. In their words… “Streamwood is officially a melting pot. In 2010, according to the U.S. Census, Streamwood’s Caucasian population was 50.8 percent. Of the rest, Hispanics were 28 percent and […]

Proposed assault weapons ban

Have to share another eloquent  Herb harangue! (January 14) Did you watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last Tuesday, January 8?  Sometimes scathing and sometimes sardonic and always intense, Stewart spoke out against those who seek to divert attention from the need to restrain the gun lobby (read NRA) and begin to use common sense. Let’s […]

“A Modest Proposal”

Another thoughtful missive from fellow HanDI member Herb: As we rightly concern ourselves about gun safety, we need to examine some of the underlying causes. On our list of must-see movies is “Les Miserables,” a story rooted in the theft of a loaf of bread to feed a man’s family.  How many criminal acts are ignited out of […]

Mike’s Olympic Challenge

Title: Mike’s Olympic Challenge Location: Elgin Public House, 219 East Chicago Street, Elgin IL Link out: Click here Description: From State Senator Michael Noland (District 22): “As the State Senator for the 22nd district I have established a solid voting record for our area. This past March, with help from friends like you, I was […]

GOP’s loosening grip on suburbia

Interesting piece by Roosevelt University professor Paul Green emphasizes that suburban elections are increasingly up for grabs by Democrats:

Park Pride 2012


HanDI made its mark on the Streamwood Park District’s Park Pride community volunteer event on Saturday, May 19. Wearing slightly impractical but undeniably natty headgear, various HanDI members and friends weeded flower beds, planted petunias, spread mulch, and collected trash in one of the village’s largest parks. Among the garbage-pickers’ more curious finds: – 2 […]

Corporate Taxes


Still smarting from Tax Day?  Too bad you’re not Sea World! The entertainment destination hasn’t paid any state or federal income taxes since 2009, according to columnist Al Lewis of Dow Jones Newswires.  (Yes, Dow Jones.)  Here’s another tax tidbit: Over the past three fiscal years, corporate income taxes fell to only 1.2% of the […]